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    Broken Harp

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    Rainbow Chaser

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    Tom Jones’ Sofa – Remix

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    More Than Just a Game

    “This play gets right inside the heads of these young folk. Cutting, touching funny with a potent mix of ritual and naturalism and with sharp but expletive ridden dialogue, it mercurially switches moods as adrenaline surges and relationships build or crumble.”


    Bill Stone
  • Tom-Jones-Sofa

    Tom Jones’ Sofa

    Brilliant night – the show was hilarious. The cast should be proud they all performed amazingly and well done to Larry for writing and directing it. 5 stars any day. Would recommend it, it was very impressive.


    Dan Evans
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    Gimme Some Truth!

    There is a truth in the characters – what they are saying is actually what is happening in the world. The mix of humour and drama – was very powerful. I enjoyed the humour and its raw ‘valleys’ presentation and the relationship between youth and politics. I loved this production – what a fantastic cast of young people!


    Rhian Hutchings
  • Yesterday Never Returns

    Yesterday Never Returns

    I thought the play was excellent, it was first rate – credit must be given to the young people in so many different ways, the play itself, written by Larry Allan, the acting, music and set. I found it a very moving experience as did many people who saw the show.”


    Wayne David – current MP for Caerphilly
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    Laurence Allan knows that this coalfield has produced some of our greatest actors, singers, painters, writers and musicians. Its theatres, as much as its sporting and music venues, have been central in defining who we are as a people. Laurence Allan’s words and direction, projected by his extremely able cast and crew, push and probe at those definitions in ways that could be penned only by a writer whose powers of observation are as impressive as are his leg muscles as he cycles up and down the Valleys that made him.

    Kim Howells