About Us

The Vision

ChainWorks  is building  innovative links and creative collaborations between artists and organizations from within the community and beyond, to produce high calibre work, which stirs, engages and inspires audiences.

The Company

Torchbearers-full-castChainworks Productions is led by Award winning writer & director Laurence Allan who has a successful 38 year track record of working in the arts. We will tap into the energy  and creativity of this former industrial heartland and forge productions  that reflect the here and the now of this colourful community but speak with a universal voice.

We plan multimedia collaborations, with forays into film, video, theatre, flashmobs and further adventures.

The Inspiration

ChainWorks is a direct legacy of the Mzansi Cymru project building on similar surprising collaborations and rooted to its cultural history, past and present but always looking outward and to the future.


Brown-lenox-posterChainWorks Productions takes its name from the iconic Brown and Lenox Chain works factory in Pontypridd. A powerhouse company of the Industrial Revolution that built chains and cables for the navy, using local resources and sent them all over the world.

The production company of award-winning writer and director Laurence Allan