Chainworks Productions

After 5 years and 10 projects ChainWorks are ceasing production. Director and writer Larry Allan will continue to operate. He would like to thank everyone who has been involved in the venture. You can follow his progress in a new blog PEDALLING SQUARES  on his website


Formed in November 2013,  ChainWorks Productions is a direct legacy of the Mzansi Cymru project building on similar surprising collaborations and rooted to its cultural history, past and present but always looking outward and to the future.

ChainWorks Productions takes its name from the iconic Brown and Lenox Chain works factory in Pontypridd. A powerhouse company of the Industrial Revolution that built chains and cables for the navy, using local resources and sent them all over the world.

Our Vision is to build  innovative links and creative collaborations between artists and organisations from within the community and beyond, to produce high calibre work, which stirs, engages and inspires audiences.

Our aim is to celebrate and demonstrate that Welsh voices have a resonance and dignity that give them a unique place in the world.